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Later the trend for minimalist furniture leads to a model, it is also supported by the growth of property in the country with the shape and simple minimalist home. This can be understood because of some need for furniture is well adapted to the shape of the house is minimalist and simple.

Minimalist furniture synonymous with the game of colors and additional accessories that are not wood with iron, aluminum, glass or plastic. Besides the addition of accessories of other materials, minimalist furniture also synonymous with the game attractive color combinations and interesting. Use of the main ingredients in the model of minimalist furniture of wood or particle board to be more reduced than the classic model furniture.

Components or accessories that are not wood particle board commonly used on certain parts of a piece of furniture. Leg dining table, coffe table legs, chair legs typically use aluminum or iron material. With the addition of these variations can add artistic value to the product, though not all made of solid wood. Besides the reason of variation, the combination of these materials as well to save some of its main raw materials. As is known, solid wood raw material will have difficulty getting the day. The combination of these materials is one way to get around this.

Maybe for some people who are fanatic with solid wooden furniture, the products of these materials is not their primary choice. Because no denying that most people know the quality of teak wood. But the difficulty will make many teak furniture manufacturers are trying to divert their products to use other types of wood that can not be equaled quality and value. Population teak own the day, the harder the impact on the high price of teak making it difficult to reach the wider community.


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